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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Lightweight PHP Class to export to Excel XLS Format

PHP export to XLS class

Here is a lightweight, simple and fast PHP Class which exports array data to Excel's .XLS format.

The array data could come from MySQL or any other data source, but as long as its in the normal PHP array format, then this script will produce a xls out of it.

I wrote this because we didnt want any of fuss or bulk many other exporting scripts seemed to have. It is being released for free under the GNU LGPL Licence.

Project Page


The class usage is documented within the zip. It also follows;


A quick script to demo the use of the export-xls.class.php script.


//include the export-xls.class.php file

$filename = 'test.xls'; // The file name you want any resulting file to be called.

//create an instance of the class
$xls = new ExportXLS($filename);

//lets set some headers for top of the spreadsheet

$header = "Test Spreadsheet"; // single first col text

//add blank line
$header = null;

//add 2nd header as an array of 3 columns
$header[] = "Name";
$header[] = "Age";
$header[] = "Height";


Lets add some sample data

Of course this can be from a SQL query or anyother data source

//first line
$row[] = "Jack";
$row[] = "24";
$row[] = "6ft 5";

//second line
$row = array();
$row[] = "Jim";
$row[] = "22";
$row[] = "5ft 5";

//add a multi dimension array
$row = array();
$row[] = array(0 =>'Jess', 1=>'54', 2=>'4ft');
$row[] = array(0 =>'Luke', 1=>'6', 2=>'2ft');

 You can return the xls as a variable to use with;
 $sheet = $xls->returnSheet();


 You can send the sheet directly to the browser as a file




  1. Hi,

    Yours is s good class. But how can u format so that the header text background color is something and the min length of each cell data can be customised?


  2. Hi Ocptime

    Thanks for the comment.

    At the moment it is not possible to format the cells in anyway. However i may look into trying to get it to do that in a future release.

    So watch this space ;)

  3. Hi.

    I'm from France and i wonder how to set the charset of the file in order to have char like é à è...



  4. alex1er : Sorry i dont know how to apply this to a xls.

  5. hi
    Your class is best,,
    i maybe spend 2-3 hours on google but your class is the only one that working
    thanks a lot

  6. ersin: Thanks. Its always nice to get a high-five!

  7. Leenix / you have committed small genius with this class - after fiddling around with phpexcel ( and its completely heavyweight (and possibly broken?) approach it was sheer joy to find your minimalist solution to exporting Excel XLS data. You can add a high-five to the collection! :)

  8. hjhndr: Thx! High five back at ya.

  9. excelent scripe! u just made my day :) tnx

  10. numeric or float value is not getting reflected in export excel file. can you suggest some solution for this?

  11. Try casting the data as the type you want before sending it to the export script. e.g. $field = (float)"34.92";

  12. I have tried to use Japanese character at the xls file, but it only shows wired character. What charset do I have to use?

  13. Hi..I tried this library.. I have one problem.. if one field contains more data (more words) then it is not writing into cell.. Any idea why this is happening?

  14. i know i probably wont get a response but when im passing this a zipcode that begins with a 0 it is stripping the leading 0 off in the export any way around that?

  15. FalleN: Sounds like the script is treating it as a number. Try wrapping the zipcode in quotes (" or ')

  16. Hi,

    First of all, great script, very easy to use.

    But i'm tring to export non-Latin characters which are stored on database as UTF-8, but when exported, the characters are shown as ??????. I tried iconv but it doesn't seem to produce the right result. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  17. Hello, is it possible to create multiple sheets within one worksheet? And name them?

  18. Carlos: Sorry it is not. I wanted this to be simple and as small/lightweight as possible.

  19. Everisk: Thank you. Yes ive seen this problem reported before. I'd like to find some time to dig into this deeper, but as of yet ive not found the time. Please report back if you find a solution.

  20. Hi Leenix,

    I love your class ;) very easy, I had my task done very rapidly this morning tnx to you ;)

    Personally, I needed to save my file directly to filesystem without echoing it, so I added a simple "saveToFile" function (file_put_contents($filename, $this->returnSheet());)

    Tnx again!!


  21. Hi here !
    Very good class :)
    For utf_8 characters use utf8_encode in your script
    $data = "Caméléon"
    $row[] = utf8_encode($data);
    It's done for me.